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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Abandon west virginia and put all refugees and illegals inside?    09/22/18  (4)
Name 3 hobbies that are cr    09/22/18  (25)
Libs: so I grew up on the "melting pot" theory--what do I think now?    09/22/18  (3)
Rate this video of Justin Bieber tweaking and twitching in public    09/22/18  (1)
lawman if we pray to osteen do u think we could cop first class ticket to texas?    09/22/18  (13)
Rate these brave redditors speaking out against overpopulation    09/22/18  (25)
assfaggot, I am flying to Europe Wednesday (PF)    09/22/18  (34)
Michigan 91 Nebraska 0    09/22/18  (6)
Drinking coffee on my porch, posting in xo best saturday    09/22/18  (5)
"ohio st, michigan running scared now" - bill moo, nebraska ad    09/22/18  (1)
do gas stations make much / any profit off gas?    09/22/18  (4)
Beyonce & Jay-Z offer to send "armed caravan" to accompany Ford cross country    09/22/18  (1)
ipa-titted sportsnuts out in force on xo today    09/22/18  (1)
Harbaugh's last five B1G wins: Indiana Rutgers Minnesota Maryland Nebraska    09/22/18  (2)
The Atlantic: "Kavanaugh Bears The Burden of Proving His Innocence."    09/22/18  (30)
Grassley tweeting at 2:35pm "Sry I meant west coast time hehe"    09/22/18  (2)
why is wikipedia always pushing for photos of "monuments"    09/22/18  (2)
18% of U Penn Law incoming class identifies as LGBTQ    09/22/18  (6)
Kars for Kids theme plays over footage of Ford driving cross country    09/22/18  (2)
Grassley sets ANOTHER 2:30 PM deadline for Ford to reply    09/22/18  (10)
Bill Clinton: "I can't think of a single reason not to believe her"    09/22/18  (2)
I think Nebraska pulls off the upset in The Big House.    09/22/18  (54)
How come chicks dont poast on forums?    09/22/18  (15)
Worst Nebraska team I've ever seen    09/22/18  (4)
*Grassley bursts into hearing on all fours, Ford riding him w/dominatrix whip*    09/22/18  (9)
More like CUCK Grassley amirite    09/22/18  (4)
Starting to think rape, a crime/shitty one, shouldn't be taken *as seriously*    09/22/18  (3)
low T antifa queer charges Chad cop, hilarity ensues (vid)    09/22/18  (4)
Has Grassley always tweeted like a faggot?    09/22/18  (1)
ESPN adds '# Games Knelt Down' column to NFL player stats    09/22/18  (3)
shut the fuck up with this college football spam garbage    09/22/18  (6)
What is Jesse Pinkman's regional accent? Can't place it    09/22/18  (14)
*is a female journalist*    09/22/18  (6)
Boxing bros: where to watch Joshua vs Povetkin?    09/22/18  (1)
Starting to think it's possible for someone to be a "victim" and a piece of shit    09/22/18  (1)
*Bends Harbaugh over, rips down pleated khakis, inserts BIG COB* (Scott Frost)    09/22/18  (4)
If Trump weren't controlled by Russia he would've stepped down already    09/22/18  (33)
In Scott Frost's 2nd game at UCF, his team rushed for 275 yards at Michigan.    09/22/18  (44)
Kngh accuser moved 3,000 miles to reinvent her life. it wasn't far enough (WaPo    09/22/18  (32)
Loling at "buttnigger"    09/22/18  (2)
Nebraska will get Michigan    09/22/18  (5)
I know for a fact "Shoenice" reads XO and occasionally poasts as a quotemo    09/22/18  (11)
Why does Kavanaugh being selected for SC suddenly make you want to leave USA?    09/22/18  (3)
Michigan: LUBE UP for future NEBRASKA HC SCOTT FROST    09/22/18  (8)
hey brah, no worries but i think u forgot to put guac on my burger    09/22/18  (14)
Tyson Fury is the best shit talker in the game    09/22/18  (1)
scott frost wins AP coach of the year. fact    09/22/18  (3)
I dumped a chick for saying "oooh what are we cheersing?!" every    09/22/18  (64)
Really glad mild-mannered lawyers have this outlet for their sick gay fantasies    09/22/18  (3)
Niggerfaggot niggerfaggot oy oy oy! *chugs 2 pint glasses full of cum*    09/22/18  (10)
It's quite possible Nebraska could go 0-12 this season    09/22/18  (2)
All in all you're just another billpig in the hall    09/22/18  (1)
Youre old: ed helms was 32 when he joined the office    09/22/18  (2)
Scott Frost at Costco buying box of glue-on beards    09/22/18  (2)
Full on relapse on adderall with alcoholic tendencies. Need to go to rehab    09/22/18  (8)
Need a longer beard (Scott Frost w/ 4-foot beard)    09/22/18  (1)
Pope Francis: "Scott Frost is a good man. He doesn't deserve this."    09/22/18  (4)
Rate this 17yo Ukrainian judo world champion (pic)    09/22/18  (10)
this spic who made Hamilton seems insufferable    09/22/18  (8)
Notre Dame back to a white QB    09/22/18  (2)
Today in Russian crime    09/22/18  (43)
reminder: akron would have fucked nebraskas a$$ raw    09/22/18  (1)
I LOSE MY SHIT when Trump reads THE SNAKE, jfc I love him    09/22/18  (15)
It's all lies. All of it.    09/22/18  (2)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    09/22/18  (40)
Call it now: Does Scott Frost win his Big Ten opener @ Michigan this year?    09/22/18  (11)
Hangovers suck when you get old. Fuck my ass    09/22/18  (10)
colt tp    09/22/18  (3)
Meet Desmond the 10 year-old drag queen    09/22/18  (47)
Brand New Upset Jew tp Diss Track. RIP xoxohth:    09/22/18  (15)
I think biglaw is worse than ibanking    09/22/18  (18)
I had a dream that Nebraska went to the CFP    09/22/18  (9)
So lawman8 beats every1 he fights except me? lmao at intellects on this board    09/22/18  (14)
Boom will Nebraska go 8-4 this season?    09/22/18  (35)
Shirtless dad, son arrested for gunning down neighbor in trash fight (vid)    09/22/18  (106)
Luis shows up at Pinkman's house in RV: "Let's kook."    09/22/18  (13)
I can outdrink all of you    09/22/18  (4)
Anybody ever visited Christchurch? South Island seems chill, no?    09/22/18  (3)
Do people here even realize Scott Frost is bringing Nebraska back?    09/22/18  (70)
MIZZOU pulls even w UGA    09/22/18  (2)
Mustachioed mystery candidate "Frott Scost" shortlisted to coach Weber State    09/22/18  (3)
Need XO wisdom: phone interview on Tuesday, been at current job for 3 months    09/22/18  (7)
The Frost, sometimes it makes the Husker shit.    09/22/18  (2)
Consuela--would u consider calling Brighton Beach FBI field office on HoldUp?    09/22/18  (11)
nebraska will be UNSTOPPABLE once they hire Scott Frost    09/22/18  (62)
Scott Frost is a mass extinction event for cfb coaches.    09/22/18  (27)
t;All In One
   09/22/18  (2)
Why do a lot of prep school white guys look like puffy faced cucks?    09/22/18  (4)
what winnable games are left on Nebraska's schedule?    09/22/18  (1)
"Now WLMAS show us on this dolly where HoldUp touched you"    09/22/18  (1)
what can i give back to xo for all it has given me?    09/22/18  (1)
Reminder: if you communicate with HoldUp off board he logs+archives your convo    09/22/18  (16)
Why wouldn't Blasey Ford put out a better photo?    09/22/18  (9)
Your future wife begging his mom for hormones for Xmas    09/22/18  (41)
"HoldUp" is a literal paid Russian troll. Why assign a guy to low-trafficked xo?    09/22/18  (21)
Headed up to Chattanooga for the day night. Seeing Moon Taxi. Any suggestions?    09/22/18  (4)
boomers who try to break your hand with their handshake    09/22/18  (9)
Never forget: TBF had an alt named "West End Girls" using black woman's pics    09/22/18  (5)
MSM keeps trying to assert that Ford is credible simply for going public    09/22/18  (3)
SATURDAY MORNINGREMINDER: The non-Trump GOP has no future    09/22/18  (15)
This is how awesome life could be in an all white America (vid)    09/22/18  (64)
Maniac on Netflix is 165. sucks it has that ugly jew jonah hill in it though    09/22/18  (4)
Lib: "I said America needs national socialism now and this alt right dude agreed    09/22/18  (1)
Committee chair promising to tape Ford's favorite shows for her this week    09/22/18  (3)
wow really creative post, thx for your unique perspective    09/22/18  (1)
How prole is Agoura Hills, CA ?    09/22/18  (3)
When I was 15 and Boner Police was 17, he tried to rip off my shirt    09/22/18  (3)
/*\ Rod Rosenstein Wanted To Record Truml And Remove Him 25th Am /*\    09/22/18  (74)
17 year old nice has a bf... She's def getting pounded out right?    09/22/18  (15)
lee corso dons the duck hat!    09/22/18  (4)
Oops! Yale study reveals there are actually 22mil not 11mil illegal immigrants    09/22/18  (6)
ITT poast anonymous accusations of rape against poasters    09/22/18  (14)
Coffee makes you alert AND makes you poop? 180 beverage.    09/22/18  (2)
Lawman8, what's your beef with krampusnacht?    09/22/18  (90)
does Krampusnacht know how to use a toilet?    09/22/18  (1)
So TSINAH is like Jaba the Hutt and Benzo is Princess Leia?    09/22/18  (5)
Rosenstein will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    09/22/18  (3)
App girl I slept with blurted out about some dude who couldn't get hard with her    09/22/18  (5)
3-0 North Texas (undefeated vs SEC West) @ Liberty *official thread*    09/22/18  (5)
i still love lee corso. one of the few withering remnants of my childhood    09/22/18  (2)
"Remember, rape is about power, not sex."    09/22/18  (8)
Capitalism is 180. Fuck commies    09/22/18  (11)
HBO Documentary "Swiped": "we're disgusting whores, unable to form committed rel    09/22/18  (1)
Bernie Sanders is tired of inside-the-Beltway liberalism [WaPo]    09/22/18  (4)
:D bro mighty Temple Owls destroyed both Maryland & Tulsa    09/22/18  (2)
[Support] I love my rapist (DTP)    09/22/18  (3)
just lol @ the indignity of people who live with roommates    09/22/18  (1)
Late September weather in New York is very cr    09/22/18  (3)
How cucked must Russell Ford feel?    09/22/18  (3)
Lawman8, I publicly apologize.    09/22/18  (13)
Senate to Ford: No worries, maybe next week? Haha    09/22/18  (67)
The "NYT" is insane    09/22/18  (4)
2025: Blasey in her North Pole observatory station, avoiding Kavanaugh    09/22/18  (1)
TRUMP drafting order for ANTITRUST officials to look into social media companies    09/22/18  (10)
Post HERE if lawman should be crowned King of XO with unlimited mod powers    09/22/18  (26)
When I poast I want to make sure my message is clear. That's why I use Grammarly    09/22/18  (1)
Frozen Elsa CGI Lawman Vindication Bad Crypto Babies Punish    09/22/18  (13)
Back to the Future reboot: Marty's mom deals w/ trauma of Biff assault for 30yrs    09/22/18  (4)
XO Wheel of Fortune: F_cking F_gg_ts (Clue: What You All Are)    09/22/18  (3)
She's fragile, very fragile    09/22/18  (2)
WaPo to Ford: omg I cant believe he did that to you! someone shld stop him    09/22/18  (1)
Bagel: "I feel a hole inside me." Bialy: "I'm just a little depressed."    09/22/18  (7)
Lib academics succeed just by talking really really fast    09/22/18  (2)
According to libs Ford's whole life has revolved around this    09/22/18  (5)
If you think you beat Lawman8, you've already massively lost.    09/22/18  (1)
lawman8 after he GAPED Upset Jew tp    09/22/18  (16)
Rating poasters threads = cheap way to brownnose and seek acceptance    09/22/18  (110)
tsinah is the only person in earth who could mange to get cucked by a fake gf    09/22/18  (12)

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