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STICKY: Holy shit snopes mentions are greatbort!   10/17/17  (92)
*sticks tootsie pop up doobs's ass* *pulls out 5 mins later, candy shell is gone    10/17/17  (29)
Whites are inept, blacks are peaceful - (((DirecTV)))    10/17/17  (20)
Terrible that xoKelly's son got PWNed by hajis, and now he's for xoTrump    10/17/17  (8)
whats best to take for headache? advil, tylenol, alleve, generic pain relief wha    10/17/17  (14)
i wanna quit biglaw and go chill with blp and chandler and countless mexicans in    10/17/17  (2)
doobs stuffing epsom salts up his asshole to help w recovery from his "delivery"    10/17/17  (1)
Hand tremor there all day definitely stopped with 5 drinks nothing to see here    10/17/17  (1)
Blank Check the Movie    10/17/17  (2)
Giving away hypos briefly    10/17/17  (20)
can you buy a car with a credit card?    10/17/17  (11)
Did your underwear preference change over time?    10/17/17  (10)
I've never even been to California it's all schtick    10/17/17  (2)
This thread makes intolerant racists mad. LJL, racists!    10/17/17  (37)
Type life/financial advice in a peterman thread. Sigh. Hit cancel.    10/17/17  (3)
brave little poaster wearing a flannel shirt at ye rustic inn    10/17/17  (7)
"Did the cancer affect the part of the brain that writes peterman threads?"    10/17/17  (2)
brave little poaster meet me at the zankou chicken in little armenia    10/17/17  (4)
I play Russian Roulette with 5 rounds in the chamber. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (4)
Cubs suck now, disband em. Trade Bryant, Rizzo, Russell, and Baez for Pujols    10/17/17  (2)
aaron judge looks like a retarded brother of Blake griffin    10/17/17  (3)
I'm the only person under 50 who wears a Blazer and tie to church    10/17/17  (4)
Jesus Campos found! Will appear on Ellen tomorrow (link)    10/17/17  (4)
Can someone hear please fuck my hairy ass (coolio the poster)?    10/17/17  (10)
<meets autistic lolyer><gingerly:>"
;have u heard of XO?"<blank expression>
   10/17/17  (1)
so I test drove the X5, the Cayenne, the XC90, the GX460, and GLE350    10/17/17  (56)
That's the funniest part. It's all true and then some. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (3)
every facebook thread: now a retread of comedy central afternoon movie PCU    10/17/17  (1)
peterman i'm sorry for pretending to be you    10/17/17  (4)
earl's asshole can take 12 inches of cock. Mine takes 22. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (7)
Seriously underrated car - VW Golf R    10/17/17  (26)
peterman real talk do you have any ambitions outside of hedonism / social status    10/17/17  (40)
not being gakked on coffee us kind of chill    10/17/17  (6)
Boomers got rich as mechanics just modding cars    10/17/17  (1)
"613" is too much. That's why Jews go buckwild with regecting morals.    10/17/17  (13)
Some poop in the morning. I poop at my desk, out my mouth. Thats the difference.    10/17/17  (6)
I demand to be raped and brutalized    10/17/17  (7)
Describe what PURGE NIGHT would look like on xo    10/17/17  (14)
brave little poaster meet me at the dresden    10/17/17  (5)
Earl's got a vasectomy. Me? Still fully packing. That's the deferens.    10/17/17  (20)
sucking off brave little poaster in the house of pies restroom stall    10/17/17  (2)
How mentally ill is Brave Little Poster to be so good lucking and such a fkn wei    10/17/17  (15)
Which Trump incidents most revealed the grotesque and foreign values of media?    10/17/17  (47)
list current xo feuds    10/17/17  (1)
Remember that wave of bullshit stories about how inept trump was - like how he s    10/17/17  (2)
Felt really sorry for dude that cold called me for wealth management shit    10/17/17  (30)
You use public restrooms. I clean them. That's the difference. (WMTP)    10/17/17  (6)
You order Wendy's drive through. I make your order. That's the difference. (WMTP    10/17/17  (7)
Earl spits. I swallow. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (16)
You like getting off. I'm great at getting men off. That's the difference. (wmtp    10/17/17  (4)
"Hepatitis J?! What the fuck?!" -- Peterman to ER nurse.    10/17/17  (26)
Earl drives to work, I drive my home. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (19)
just pulled the trigger on 3 CT shirts. you guys better not be wrong.    10/17/17  (12)
Nocturnal Animals was the best movie of 2016    10/17/17  (1)
want to watch a psychologicaly rattling movie that is not grotesque    10/17/17  (39)
There Will Be Blood is my favorite movie of the 2000s. great flick    10/17/17  (21)
Petition to ban 4chan links from here (bump)    10/17/17  (12)
Good Hobbies you can develop in Solitude    10/17/17  (21)
This volleyball chick's skirt is so tight you can see she is wearing a thong (pi    10/17/17  (8)
Is Phillips the cr seafood chain restaurant?    10/17/17  (1)
not flame, your dreams are reality and irl is the dream    10/17/17  (11)
You see a maximum security prison. I see a brothel. That's the difference.    10/17/17  (37)
in sex club, let the attn whoaring commence    10/17/17  (28)
I voted for trump because I hate niggers.    10/17/17  (9)
Lol so all these actresses are coming forward re sex assault but no names    10/17/17  (2)
made a decision today: i want to try gay sex    10/17/17  (9)
Jerking it anxiously in solitude, acoustic guitar covered in dust sitting forlor    10/17/17  (5)
So (((Omri Casspi))) is on the Warriors now?    10/17/17  (1)
Desperately need crypto bros help    10/17/17  (5)
Wish I was rich    10/17/17  (5)
It's weird that of all forms on life you came back as a 21st century human    10/17/17  (3)
"media" frauds should be in jail    10/17/17  (2)
0% chance Aaron Judge doesn't have a freakishly huge cock    10/17/17  (4)
Peterman what % of your board persona is schtick    10/17/17  (1)
literally every story about harvey weinstein invokes ailes, oreilly and trump    10/17/17  (1)
real talk: Cubs not very good this year. that nigger lefty CF they lost was good    10/17/17  (3)
Cliffs for why the alt right is obsessed with the so called "Holodomor"?    10/17/17  (63)
Watchmen will be richer than Gatormo in less than 5 years    10/17/17  (4)
Gen-X supervisor reported me to Human Resources    10/17/17  (41)
just got a brand new computer. what to install?    10/17/17  (50)
Trump states that will turn blue in 2020    10/17/17  (40)
Bosses only abuse & fire people because they think there will be no consequences    10/17/17  (6)
few poasters here strike me a sociopathic but not violent type    10/17/17  (5)
Saving Private Ryan goes from cartoonishly gruesome to cartoonishly gay    10/17/17  (1)
Tenant puts in request for new dishwasher. WMTP: HEY HEY THIS IS RENTARR!!    10/17/17  (3)
Rice vs. Spice - Colt & Spack oil patch deathmatch    10/17/17  (11)
I support nyuug and so should you    10/17/17  (47)
The 17-18 golden state warriors would Harvey Weinstein the 96 Chicago bulls    10/17/17  (1)
My Gen-X boss is too scared to FIRE me    10/17/17  (41)
has Anyone read Hitler's 'Table talk'?    10/17/17  (2)
all alt right posters are racists    10/17/17  (47)
I beat off so much it doesn't even feel good anymore.    10/17/17  (6)
Audi vs bmw reliability?    10/17/17  (88)
is a 2014 RangeRover Sport at 50,000 mi for $43k with a warranty a good deal    10/17/17  (35)
Existential dread, no way out, never ending work cycle, aging    10/17/17  (21)
I give the best life advice here.    10/17/17  (2)
has anyone on here written a screenplay?    10/17/17  (15)
NYC subway on weekday mornings = GC's BangBus    10/17/17  (13)
Carl Edwards Jr wondering why everyone's so loud    10/17/17  (3)
peterman can you tell me about cunty things your boss has done    10/17/17  (1)
LOL fuck Gordan Gaywad. Fuck Boston too.    10/17/17  (1)
*Valium wears off* *becomes alert* *immediately fucks with bull pen* (Joe Maddo    10/17/17  (3)
i don't see how MPM can even happen now amidst all this chaos    10/17/17  (10)
when you go to eat a girl out and it smells like stale piss    10/17/17  (10)
I gaped you (PF)    10/17/17  (2)
so "OperaSoprano" is a 36 y/o alcoholic shrew with a blown out twat?    10/17/17  (11)
*donates $100mm to Sierra Club to OK pop growth* "Hey why do people hate jews!?"    10/17/17  (1)
Serious question: Where the fuck is Johnsmeyer and why did he retire    10/17/17  (22)
ok I give up on Korean food. it's all shit    10/17/17  (100)
What's it like when Trump calls the family of a dead soldier?    10/17/17  (1)
Why do so many bankers killself?    10/17/17  (9)
SR went and deleted his actual good posts    10/17/17  (16)
Do law firm partners use personal LLCs to write off their cars and shit?    10/17/17  (78)
Recommend some good movies to watch for free on Amazon Prime    10/17/17  (7)
spending it all tonight    10/17/17  (1)
beginning it all tonight    10/17/17  (1)
ending it all tonight    10/17/17  (5)
Peterman, subsisting purely on Uki peasant protein for the duration of Holodomor    10/17/17  (1)
Answering medical questions for 5 minutes    10/17/17  (30)
just do receive multiple extensions to respond to discovery&then produce nothing    10/17/17  (4)
daily mail has proven that women do 99% of the teacher/student raping    10/17/17  (5)
nyuug, do you admit that most Asian Americans are very mentally ill/stunted?    10/17/17  (2)
went to the kids / sport section of a store with nephews this weekend    10/17/17  (3)
apartment bldg got redistricted to another biglaw firm :(    10/17/17  (7)
that painting of emma watson getting her asshold blown out haunted my dreams    10/17/17  (28)
12 year old you, demanding working class mom buy branded clothes she cant affor    10/17/17  (16)
"nice to meet you! this is my 1st tinder..." bboom: "are u blown out    10/17/17  (28)
why does "vice principals" exist. just a shitty as fuck clone of eastbound.    10/17/17  (18)
lips are constantly chapped    10/17/17  (2)
so being partner gives you a license to fuck with anyone and get away with it?    10/17/17  (5)
mystery ape lover "grooming" you    10/17/17  (6)
Resolved: niggers are absolute fucking literal SHIT    10/17/17  (2)
do partners call associates' parents when they killself or die from overwork?    10/17/17  (8)
askav petitioning rach for a standalone Frasier board    10/17/17  (32)
Don't remember last time I heard of [job] that didnt have higher than avg suicid    10/17/17  (1)
Rachmiel talks recent events with Charles XII during annual performance review    10/17/17  (25)
This is how weak the Gospels are as historical evidence    10/17/17  (91)
did you get stronger today? closer to god, stronger, wiser, healthier?    10/17/17  (26)
renouncing my JD-- sometimes to climb out u have 2 climb down first    10/17/17  (1)
How did booms odd case end    10/17/17  (1)
Hey Christmos--Pauline Epistles were written BEFORE the Gospels    10/17/17  (43)
are ear washing kits flame?    10/17/17  (10)
black olives matter    10/17/17  (2)
Another: Married 32yo teacher has THREESOMES with 14yo; u: sig pages, j/o    10/17/17  (18)
Drafts ABC means XYZ. Gets call from client asking if ABC means XYZ at 2am.    10/17/17  (2)
What's your favorite Gospel?    10/17/17  (45)
Video of Bram the Bunny Part II    10/17/17  (160)
<> ___ <> tp - we've reviewed your application. You are frontrunner for ROY 2017    10/17/17  (1)
where should i invest in property and move?    10/17/17  (4)
Who are the people on here with shitty lives?    10/17/17  (48)

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