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Pray for Canada. Seriously.    02/24/18  (4)
MPA driving forcememe truck to sell treats to children    02/24/18  (2)
remember when Subway was decorated with old maps of the New York subway?    02/24/18  (5)
I scream, you scream, we all scream for FORCEMEMES    02/24/18  (15)
I for one love our inbred self loathing night rat cultural overlords    02/24/18  (4)
Jeff Bezos in talks to buy your asshole    02/24/18  (7)
Harvard PHD / CDC employee goes missing after blaming flu shot for causing flu    02/24/18  (33)
Liberals: Labor shortage in Trump's economy    02/24/18  (4)
Trump really is the LAST GASP of old America    02/24/18  (15)
weird how youtube culture has changed    02/24/18  (1)
Spiral ham is flame    02/24/18  (3)
Frothing at the mouth libs chanted "burn her" at Dana Loesche    02/24/18  (6)
Crypto doesnt withstand a cursory examination of worth, entirely buzz words (DTP    02/24/18  (18)
What do you classify a guy who still dates women, but is also attracted to...    02/24/18  (11)
Was Bernard Montgomery the offical XO general of WWII?    02/24/18  (3)
Ive made friends with pain so Im never alone haha    02/24/18  (2)
The yellow condoms are sort. The black condoms are long.    02/24/18  (1)
russian girls: instinctively know how to snipe& fly ww2 biplanes. US: #metoo    02/24/18  (4)
Luis married a gook?    02/24/18  (43)
Fire is flame    02/24/18  (1)
is NASSIM NICHOLAS TALEB new book SKIN IN THE GAME, worth reading?    02/24/18  (3)
Czech SNOWBOARDER wins women's SKIING Super G    02/24/18  (3)
New Dem lingo, "chaos agents"    02/24/18  (2)
Two Black Cooks Fired For Making 'Racist' Meal At NYU    02/24/18  (32)
Pregerson has been balling out of control lately    02/24/18  (1)
Hilarious how "scientific enlightenment" atheists got pwned by SJWs    02/24/18  (53)
Dr. Michael Ben Shapiro Greger: "NutritionFacts Don't Care About Your Feelings!"    02/24/18  (3)
Our car dealership sales model is inefficient and nigger    02/24/18  (1)
LA mayor Eric Garcetti appears to be running for president:    02/24/18  (42)
xo 2013: parodies of shitlib idiocy; xo 2018: always a link to shitlib idiocy    02/24/18  (2)
Evgenia vs Alina - 11:32:30 PM ET Tonight. Get Your Hard Penises Ready    02/24/18  (198)
*"Brothers in Arms" plays as haggard poasters walk together to biglaw*    02/24/18  (2)
The decadence or the mid-2000s was pretty grotesque in hindsight    02/24/18  (88)
Selma Hayek in Grown Ups 2. Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhh    02/24/18  (1)
Anyone remember a Dale Earnhardt -themed restaurant in the late 80s?    02/24/18  (2)
Need a chrome extension that makes it easier to switch between my alts    02/24/18  (2)
diagnosed with incurable erectile dysfunction. does that count as incel?    02/24/18  (9)
Any racial or physical abuse by police was largely overlooked due to savage    02/24/18  (1)
This last week had to be amazing for Dana Loesch's career/media profile, right?    02/24/18  (5)
Dana Bash did topless "photo shoot" when she was 18yo.    02/24/18  (13)
Dana Loesch did really well in a stacked CNN Town Hall last night    02/24/18  (3)
the Amazon Dash button is the creepiest aspect of GC possible    02/24/18  (1)
Had dinner at Bob Evans today. Taking q's.    02/24/18  (15)
Stormfront quislings with fathers have ruined xo!    02/24/18  (3)
cops rushed into the school right away this time, right?    02/24/18  (7)
Two Black Cocks Fired For Making 'Racist' Meat At NYU    02/24/18  (3)
MY potus | MY race realism | MY ar-15    02/24/18  (8)
twin girls in blue dresses waiting 4 u down hallway: "You really like it here."    02/24/18  (71)
CNN: Not just one coward cop. THREE MORE COPS OUTSIDE SCHOOL DIDN'T GO IN    02/24/18  (91)
Of all the "tech oligarchs," I admire Gabe Newell the most    02/24/18  (4)
Remember in the early-mid nineties when everyone got BREADMAKERS?    02/24/18  (21)
Is calling a journalist "fake news" as bad as calling a black person the N word?    02/24/18  (7)
Politico: US Military Parade On Veterans Day Is Happening    02/24/18  (66)
I put my boss in a predicament (TedCruz tp)    02/24/18  (37)
Please RATE my PC build    02/24/18  (29)
I work with 6 Muslims. I hate them all.    02/24/18  (23)
*grabs balding poster as hostage* "Don't make me force this meme! I'll do it!"    02/24/18  (4)
where did hojrasko go    02/24/18  (2)
*plays back Event Horizon hell video* "he's saying... I really like it here"    02/24/18  (7)
SF Bay area mos, tell me about living in FREMONT - how bad is it    02/24/18  (48)
What kind of sadistic mind forces shitmemes?    02/24/18  (2)
Any truck driver at flying J can tell you any given crypto ICO is a scam (DTP)    02/24/18  (2)
Reminder: being "depressed" is indistinguishable from being on the bottom of DH    02/24/18  (38)
Gun to your head: who is your favorite band?    02/24/18  (100)
in your deathdiaper you will relish every second you spent on XO    02/24/18  (3)
Liking Milos work so far with InfoWars    02/24/18  (1)
Anthem kneelers are just like the '36 Olypmics    02/24/18  (1)
PN has a flair for writing. His scathing gapes of RSF are pure 180.    02/24/18  (21)
jeff bezos is spending $42M to build a clock in far west texas    02/24/18  (2)
*smothers an xo poaster to death with a fresh diaper*    02/24/18  (7)
If religion weren't true it would be necessary to invent it    02/24/18  (1)
Anyone remember when Rubio alluded to something the public doesn't know yet?    02/24/18  (27)
on your deathbed you will hate every second you spent on XO    02/24/18  (15)
Haha no worries, I like getting an opportunity to write haha, no worries, I like    02/24/18  (3)
russia should just stick to producing hawt figure skaters rather than wars    02/24/18  (1)
Gabby Daleman is the most important discovery of these Olympics    02/24/18  (26)
Putin deploys his brand new Su-57s to Syria    02/24/18  (9)
Jeff Bezos in talks to buy Wikipedia    02/24/18  (8)
Chill Goy English bros who were imprisoned in Auschwitz - holocaust survivors?    02/24/18  (1)
nesterov adaptive gradient DESTROYING amsgrad/adam on multilayer perceptron    02/23/18  (1)
RATE this Hawaii oceanfront house for $2.1M    02/23/18  (30)
Why no tinychat    02/23/18  (2)
Vitalik Buterin would get demolished by 110 IQ accountant on /r/investing (DTP)    02/23/18  (1)
j shad was the best    02/23/18  (16)
Wierd that TOXIC MUSCULINITY is hard to define, but TOXIC FEMININITY is obvious.    02/23/18  (6)
Thi$ i$ no laughing matter marriage i$ $eriou$    02/23/18  (5)
So I have an Amazon Dash Button    02/23/18  (5)
haha no biggie i'm a homebody too just like u haha *mouths 10 gauge*    02/23/18  (8)
ITT: a picture of an XO poaster returning to prole hometown    02/23/18  (25)
an ethnostate is only as good as its women. white ethnostate = ljl    02/23/18  (25)
If you're not blowing into a vuvuzela during Black Panther, you're racist.    02/23/18  (6)
People who FUD crypto and are not invested in it, know more about crypto (DTP)    02/23/18  (1)
Sean Miller paid $100k to a recruit to come to Arizona    02/23/18  (11)
South Korean nationalists MARCH FOR DONALD TRUMP! (nyuug)    02/23/18  (2)
Chris Matthews to Gary Johnson: what's his name?    02/23/18  (25)
Just paid $76 to H&R Block for my taxes. Feel violated.    02/23/18  (20)
Two Black Cocks Fired For Making 'Racist' Puddle In My Ass    02/23/18  (1)
Daily reminder: crypto is fraud (DTP)    02/23/18  (1)
3 sets of footprints: Cops running at full-clip away from active shooter scene    02/23/18  (18)
Ate at Roy Rogers tonight    02/23/18  (2)
i only jerk off to dead malls (earl)    02/23/18  (1)
A month or two ago tthere was an XOXO thread about becoming a "regular"    02/23/18  (8)
At some point this board and all its archives will become FBI property    02/23/18  (4)
gonna take like 50 xanax and hope idont wake up bye    02/23/18  (31)
Shortquotemo outed as a mod    02/23/18  (2)
NYU serves Kool-Aid, watermelon in cafeterias to honor Black History Month (link    02/23/18  (20)
Does Germany have the 'final solution' for the Canada hockey team?    02/23/18  (8)
Wachowski Brothers are now both tranny cunts. EXPLAIN.    02/23/18  (8)
Korean garlic girls just CHOKED    02/23/18  (3)
How much blood on libs' hands for spreading literal insanity?    02/23/18  (1)
Asian ROTC kids acting more heroic than Broward country police during a shooting    02/23/18  (12)
14 billion dollars but everyday ur poasts/threads are broadcast at times square    02/23/18  (28)
iPhone? Check. Apple Watch? Check. MacBook? Check. AirPods? Check. iPad mini?    02/23/18  (8)
Honestly Trump is right, real problem is mental illness and societal breakdown    02/23/18  (2)
Why do libs worship cowardly faggot ass cops?    02/23/18  (6)
Julia cashes out; S&P 500 posts biggest weekly gain in 5 years. Lmao    02/23/18  (85)
Idea for novel: liberal SCOTUS clerk sexually harassed by her ju    02/23/18  (116)
LJL at anyone that doesn't think college athletes should be paid    02/23/18  (30)
Rach thank you so much for "By you" and "poasted in"    02/23/18  (2)
gonna hit my head with a hammer and see what unfolds    02/23/18  (2)
Fucklibs.com is owned by some band named mess with Emily    02/23/18  (1)
United States of America v. 3 Cowardly Cops Running While Kids Being Slaughtered    02/23/18  (1)
*eyes bulge out of sockets* I really like it here.    02/23/18  (21)
no worries but u may need to change ur religion to marry ur uber driver haha    02/23/18  (6)
US mens gold medal curling match at 3am    02/23/18  (8)
Who's watching SUPERFLY 2 tomorrow?    02/23/18  (1)
Check out this dope-ass thingy they found in King Tut's tomb    02/23/18  (3)
Is there a spiritual form of suicide that is also right hand/light path?    02/23/18  (27)
Sean Miller chuckling boy what a mixup, I said a "100 grand", it's a candy bar    02/23/18  (1)
at some point in the future, all ur xo posts (w/IRL name) will be public record    02/23/18  (12)
*steps outside* "i really like it here" *phone pings: msg from XO* "get back in"    02/23/18  (15)
Datelob: He said he was "not opposed to boiling the ocean, even if he were in it    02/23/18  (5)
answering any and all questions about crypto    02/23/18  (50)
Every Republican has blood on his hands    02/23/18  (1)
i hate and abhor and despise and detest absolutely everything    02/23/18  (2)
You can either liquidate 50% of all nigs in the US, or 70% of nigs in Africa    02/23/18  (5)
Insane that Marvel's best idea for a black superhero is giving him magic dirt    02/23/18  (1)
I really like it here. *diaper falls off*    02/23/18  (32)
this place is great i really like it here    02/23/18  (8)
"i really like it here," u muffled in gasps as an alien facehugger wrapped    02/23/18  (7)
U in a pillow room writhing around in a straitjacket: "i really like it here."    02/23/18  (4)
*skydives without a parachute* "I REALLY LIKE IT HEREEEEEEEE--"    02/23/18  (10)
*eyeball dangles from socket by a thread* "i really like it here"    02/23/18  (26)
"i really like it here," u said nonchalantly as ur head floated up to the cosmos    02/23/18  (18)
"We really like it here." said scholarship in a cheap late nite tv ad for XO    02/23/18  (72)
"i really like it here." u said to the wall of diapers    02/23/18  (9)
"I really like it here." you mutter as ur sucked into a black hole    02/23/18  (16)
"I really like it here," the live tuna said as it floated on a raft of fire ants    02/23/18  (9)
I really like it here, Nigel thought    02/23/18  (20)

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