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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
UNC Confederate monument to be replaced with statue of queer, trans WOC "priest"    08/20/18  (14)
Some dude claimed that crossbows can penetrate a lot of bulletproof vests    08/20/18  (1)
shitlibs LOVE Mueller for killing gooks in Vietnam and HATE trump for not?    08/20/18  (2)
Lately when I shit it feels like I'm cumming. Anyone else?    08/20/18  (3)
If GWB Jr had gone to Vietnam, would we have had Iraq?    08/20/18  (2)
A Transwoman can keep her penis and it still be a Front Hole    08/20/18  (2)
best non-Long John Silver's fast food fish sandwich?    08/20/18  (4)
PSA: "vagina" is now politically incorrect; please use "front hole" instead    08/20/18  (22)
Law Center -> Laid off from Fenwick -> Billionaire    08/20/18  (7)
"But we had a contract!" he hissed, waving his phone at McD's drivethru worker    08/20/18  (2)
You meet organic girl from college. She asks you what you did with your life.    08/20/18  (15)
UNC-Chapel Hill chill fratty undergrads topple Confederate statue    08/20/18  (124)
loans originated tp may be the dumbest shitlib to ever poast here    08/20/18  (13)
"I think my wife's water just broke, there was fluid coming out zher front hole    08/20/18  (1)
Chandler, personal injury mentor of Luis    08/20/18  (2)
Mice Do Not Spin    08/20/18  (1)
should i cut down on my posting?    08/20/18  (9)
Diphenhydramine creates some really weird quasi-hallucinations    08/20/18  (9)
Is there anything to this idea of blacks warming to Trump?    08/20/18  (16)
Osteen is not a man of God    08/20/18  (15)
Woman delighted after Apple unlocks iPhone of late husband    08/20/18  (8)
Turned down my GF for sex last night for first time -- BAD IDEA -- NEVER DO THIS    08/20/18  (33)
/*\BREAKING/*\ Trump responds to deranged CNN Phillip Mudd    08/20/18  (35)
xo ESTJs come ITT    08/20/18  (2)
lol at Gen Michael Hayden CONFIRMING Philip Mudd has always been unglued (link)    08/20/18  (3)
seriously considering killingself this week    08/20/18  (29)
Little River Band: 30-something sitting in a Pizza Hut and Reminiscing    08/20/18  (1)
Cr to disappear into the rainforest?    08/20/18  (2)
Tucker just recommended the McDonald's app on his show 180    08/20/18  (3)
So GOP adds to Senate majority and Dems take the House and launch impeachment?    08/20/18  (4)
CEOs crying about $tress making billion$ firing your a$$ = u homele$$ haha    08/20/18  (4)
"I went to his office to apologize. He billed me $100 for a half hour."    08/20/18  (1)
lately when i cum it just feels like im peeing. anyone else?    08/20/18  (6)
Scott Frost did well with his wife! Rate her    08/20/18  (1)
Is this man's anger justified at McDonald's fucking up his order?    08/20/18  (14)
Is bogota a cool vacation spot    08/20/18  (27)
Weinstein accuser Asia Argento gets REVERSE BIG WILLY PWNED    08/20/18  (19)
Welcome home Scott Frost! I send my love to Wood River, Nebraska    08/20/18  (1)
Why do men and women dress like such trash now in public?    08/20/18  (9)
Osborne true husker blood! Everyone after him fraud outsider until Frost    08/20/18  (1)
Noticed that boston is full of asian yoga pants sluts with white dorks    08/20/18  (2)
Scott Frost is true Nebraska Huskers blood walk ons back back to Husker blood    08/20/18  (1)
Nebraska favored by 3 tds against Lebron Zips lol    08/20/18  (10)
Chip off nigger tranny cock shove it up jew ass burn in oven fucking fags    08/20/18  (12)
black fiance sent her McFlurry back    08/20/18  (1)
Demanded refund for a Blizzard at Dairy Queen today. Rate my life    08/20/18  (19)
Liberals have no brains or souls. They are grotesque emissaries of Satan    08/20/18  (32)
Crazy Rich Jews needs to be made    08/20/18  (16)
joel osteen defenders: do you concede that his followers are overwhelmingly dumb    08/20/18  (1)
ITT: we poast vids of people getting roasted on powerlines & cables    08/20/18  (289)
@realdonaldtrump: DNC happy to keep Wanking Weinstein's $$$. Sick people!    08/20/18  (16)
@realdonaldtrump Loser Kim Jong-Un or as I call him "The Gook With The Nuke" is    08/20/18  (28)
chinaman shows off in front of friends by diving off bridge into water    08/20/18  (6)
Holy shit, CNN deep state analyst EXPLODES over security clearance    08/20/18  (97)
@realdonaldtrump What's the gross stuff at the bottom of Swamps? Mudd! Loser.    08/20/18  (1)
Falling Down appreciation thread    08/20/18  (18)
Goddamn that pic of doobs at Starbucks cracks me up    08/20/18  (7)
A pathological social order in which people are trying to beat each other down a    08/20/18  (7)
Friend's brother recovering from 15+ year LSD-induced psychosis    08/20/18  (27)
Chandler is a Black Slave Toiling In The Hot Sun & CSLG Is His Master    08/20/18  (2)
"Avant-garde" McDonald's opened up in my neighborhood. WTF?    08/20/18  (8)
Incredible Joel Osteen sermon: Dealing with your haters    08/20/18  (35)
Imagine being doobs. Now add 3 inches. Now you're assfaggot    08/20/18  (6)
Chandler    08/20/18  (3)
I get paid 80k to take notes in meetings    08/20/18  (81)
Your Piss Is On My Fist    08/20/18  (3)
didn't asia argento use to be smoking hot? google image search = ugly shrew    08/20/18  (1)
reminder: the LAW is sacred    08/20/18  (1)
Ur numerical age (30s) closing doors w/ cute young women like it's leprosy (DTP)    08/20/18  (14)
well kiss my grits    08/20/18  (1)
Chelsea Clinton: With my vast experience I'm running for political office    08/20/18  (35)
Lawyermos: What legal recourse to having security clearance revoked?    08/20/18  (4)
honestly, cant find any flaws in this economist's bullish ETH analysis (link)    08/20/18  (1)
Colorado dad that killed his family is now blaming his wife for killing the kids    08/20/18  (6)
Jeong and Leong to star in "Crazy Bitch Asians"    08/20/18  (3)
kiss my piss    08/20/18  (1)
Look at the last item in this UCLA Law Prof Application Description    08/20/18  (7)
libs have really lost it lately, just come completely unglued    08/20/18  (8)
Boner Police killing it in college Jeopardy tonight    08/20/18  (1)
Just watched former Intelligence Official Phillip Mudd become totally unglued    08/20/18  (7)
Rate these big money Silicon Valley donors    08/20/18  (3)
rape | forced prostitution | distribution of child pornography | child endangerm    08/20/18  (2)
Without this place I am nothing.    08/20/18  (4)
It will be 180000000 when shitlennials turn conservative and realize that unlike    08/20/18  (11)
this chart proves ETH is poised for a six sigma spike    08/20/18  (5)
I thought wmtp was an alpha white entrepreneur. I looked up to him    08/20/18  (14)
Your Piss, Your Piss, Is On My Fist (2018 female ejaculate remix)    08/20/18  (1)
No one wants to hire a white male to be a useless subordinate    08/20/18  (15)
lmao at gale on better call saul    08/20/18  (1)
Just really sunk in that half of our country is stark raving mad    08/20/18  (2)
Charles why are past two sc noms and fed chair from same cath school?    08/20/18  (1)
   08/20/18  (2)
A free 180 to someone who can locate origin of the Rowan meme    08/20/18  (2)
Holiday - Green Day is as good as most tracks on Dookie    08/20/18  (1)
If all pussy suddenly starting smelling like pineapple, I wonder how long it ...    08/20/18  (11)
bro of mine got his ear smashed w/pipe and punched repeatedly by Brooklyn dindus    08/20/18  (54)
pro-tip: if you are bald, wax your head. looks fresh and clean    08/20/18  (4)
"What My 'Knockout Game' Experience Taught Me About My Unconscious Bias" (Vox)    08/20/18  (42)
charles why are catholic 'theologians' all shitlib atheists?    08/20/18  (16)
Libs entire identity is being anti-white    08/20/18  (9)
The United cough divided states are past the point of return    08/20/18  (1)
Whats with all the self-helpy self-promotion bros on Linkedkn?    08/20/18  (2)
Priest-less Roman Catholicism not that farfetched    08/20/18  (48)
Hooker dies in sex dungeon at Joel Osteen mansion    08/20/18  (1)
supposed father pays his wifes daughter to knock maga hat off innocent bystander    08/20/18  (1)
Diverse gang of Nashville robbery/homicide committers    08/20/18  (1)
America is a continent and the U.S. is a disgrace and is more than done here    08/20/18  (1)
theory: Martin Lucifer Coon <><><> = most mentally ill poster    08/20/18  (67)
Chelsea looks like a teen! Age is flame    08/20/18  (3)
Why have so many states/cities/towns? Seems like fuckng Fraud    08/20/18  (4)
Scary how much power lawman8 wields on this board    08/20/18  (3)
Oprah surprising the audience by giving them all free housecats    08/20/18  (1)
the thing about being brainwashed is that you don't realize you are brainwashed    08/20/18  (1)
John Candy is on Tucker Carlson right now    08/20/18  (9)
so only a tiny fraction of Michael Cohen (Cooley JD)'s docs were privileged? why    08/20/18  (1)
XO posters complain about Osteen...no problem at all with Martin Luther King Jr    08/20/18  (8)
Security clearance is privilege, not a right! So I revoked Mental Mudd's. Enjoy!    08/20/18  (2)
shekels plz goyim    08/20/18  (6)
Eminent Calvinist theologian PWNS TLS Joel Osteen    08/20/18  (3)
jason chaffetz is gorgeous    08/20/18  (2)
for women, having PICTURES of you is more important than having the ACTUAL you    08/20/18  (2)
XO Babylon Bee GAPES TLS Joel Osteen    08/20/18  (3)
Manafort jury deliberating til at least 6:15 pm - MEANING?    08/20/18  (37)
Reminder: MND has never had an actual orgasm    08/20/18  (1)
If 6 unique sudos post itt ill out luiss custom license plate    08/20/18  (3)
Windows crashes, an old boomer dies.    08/20/18  (35)
Most insufferable part of applying to Govt jobs: the application itself    08/20/18  (1)
Will there ever be a "dance craze" as big as the Macarena again?    08/20/18  (23)
Trump's basically a 90's Dem so why are libs going crazy    08/20/18  (17)
You're 18 years old and have two choices    08/20/18  (21)
Graduate certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credential    08/20/18  (8)
John Brennan is the face of the Deep State.    08/20/18  (4)
Trump in full blown panic abt McGahn, tweeting maniacally abt Muellers "thugs"    08/20/18  (25)
GC fraud: "Who's daddy's little girl" Wilbur Mercer: "I am daddy! I am!"    08/20/18  (3)
Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    08/20/18  (143)
Spot the typo on this email i just sent (i blame xoxo)    08/20/18  (56)
Media forcememe success: "Crazy Rich Asians" = $34m first 5 days    08/20/18  (29)
I had plans for my wife and kids, but Chris Watts stole the show :-(    08/20/18  (1)
"Men's preference for younger women is another sign of masculinity in crisis"    08/20/18  (94)
What is tcr if someones dog gets aggressive with you?    08/20/18  (5)
What happened to libs always bashing Walmart? You never hear about it anymore.    08/20/18  (4)
Some womens ENTIRE IDENTITY is being a rape victim    08/20/18  (2)
"But Joel Osteen gave me ASSURANCES!" he wailed in the fiery lake    08/20/18  (4)
Story of Colorado husband's murder of wife takes odd twist (link)    08/20/18  (4)
Social Distortion frontman accused of punching Trump supporter    08/20/18  (11)
Best time of year to visit Japan and South Korea?    08/20/18  (9)
Incredible Joel O'Steen sermon: Dealing with your taters    08/20/18  (1)
   08/20/18  (4)
After the Bitcoin Boom, Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors (NYT)    08/20/18  (5)

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